Djembe Accessories

All of the Top 5 Djembe Drum Sites carry a wide range of  djembe accessories for purchase.

Items include:
-Djembe Straps, for standing and seated play.
-Djembe Bags & Cases, for safe transportation and storage of your drum.
-Djembe Hats, to keep the skin of your drum protected.
-Ksink Ksink, which act as metal resonator attachments to your drum.
-Djembe Stands, for standing and seated play without bearing the weight of the drum.
-Djembe Floor Pads, to keep your djembe from slipping and protect it from damage.

~A note on Djembe Bags:
Here at Djembe Review we recommend that players purchase a high quality djembe bag along with their drums to ensure the safety and longevity of the instrument. When it comes to protecting your djembe, you'll be thankful that you to sprung for a more expense model rather than take your chances with an inferior bag, case, or hat.

*Here are some examples of the djembe accessories listed above:

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