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1. Djembe Direct

Djembe Direct is an excellent source for authentic African djembe drums. Their offering includes djembes for the beginning player all the way up to the professional, with everything in between! They truly have a djembe to match every type of drummer, and the range includes their Drum Circle Djembes, Classical Student Djembes, Advanced Level Djembes from Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Senegal, and the top of the line fully customized Professional Djembes.

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Every djembe comes with a satisfaction guarantee to ease your apprehension about online buying, and each drum is tuned and played before it is shipped. Additionally, they offer extended warranties unheard of in the hand drum industry, with a money-back guarantee. They even have a search feature that allows you to sort djembes based on size, skill level, wood type, and keywords. MP3 sound clips are also available for most djembes to aid in your search for the right drum.

Djembe Direct also carries a vast stock of other African drums and instruments along with Djembe Accessories, CDs, DVDs, Instructional Products, Building Supplies, Repair Services, Books, and additional Djembe Resources. If you are looking for an authentic African djembe but are on a budget, then Djembe Direct is the site for you.

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