Drum Care, Repair, Building, & Tuning Info

Want to keep your djembe singing for years? Did your drumhead pop and you're ready to put a new one on yourself? Are you looking to crank your drum up high to play like the pros?

~Whatever your desire, the resources below will help you on your way!

Djembe Care & Maintenance

Here are some sound tips on caring for your djembe from World Wide Drums:

-Play your Djembe with your hands, no sticks or mallets. This will ensure optimal head life.
-Use a Djembe cover and/or drum bag. This will protect the skin and shell from damage.
-Don't expose your Djembe drum to rapid changing temperatures
-Don't use cleaners to clean your goat skin drum head;  just play it.
-Don't expose a goat skin drum head to the rain.
-Play often and play from the heart!

To read the full article, click below:
Djembe Care & Maintenance

Djembe Tuning

If you have a traditional rope djembe, it is important to learn how to tune it so that you can achieve the proper sounds from your drum.

Djembe Direct has put together a fantastic page on djembe tuning - check it out below:
How to Tune the Djembe Drum

*Don't want to read through an article?
Here are a couple of videos to get you started on tuning your djembe drum:

Djembe Building & Repair

Looking to re-head your djembe or build a drum from scratch?
~Here is a comprehensive step-by-step article brought to you by Hawk Dancing:

How to re-head an African Djembe Drum

*Need to purchase djembe rings, rope, shells, or skins? DrumSkull Drums is the #1 source for all djembe building supplies on the web, check them out!

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