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History of the Djembe

For information and articles on the history of the djembe and West African drumming.

How to Play Djembe

A Free Djembe Lesson! Learn how to play the basic sounds of the djembe, and check out other excellent djembe drum learning resources.

Djembe Accessories

Our top sources for djembe bags, cases, straps, hats, ksink ksink, and much more.

Instructional Products

Djembe lessons and instruction in the form of Books, CDs, DVDs, Video, and Digital Downloads.
     ~Tons of great options to help you learn to play!

Djembe CDs & DVDs

Take in the sounds of the djembe through traditional African and modern recordings.

Wood vs. Synthetic Djembes

What are the differences between traditional wood djembes and modern synthetic djembes?
    ~Let's take a closer look...

Rope Tuned vs. Key Tuned Djembes

The pros and cons of rope tuned djembes vs. key tuned (mechanically tuned) djembes.

Drum Care, Repair, Building, & Tuning Info

Articles - resources - guides - and tips about how to take care of your djembe, keep it in tune, repair it, and much more!

Djembe Buying Guides

Some key points on what characteristics to look for when purchasing a djembe drum.

Djembe News Blog

Check out our News Blog -- providing you with weekly updates on all things Djembe.

YouTube Videos

Lots of our favorite videos of djembe solos and African drumming -- enjoy!

Image Gallery

A huge selection of high quality djembe photos from around the world.

Djembe Forum

Pop over to the Djembefola Forums to engage in an open dialogue about the beautiful tradition of Djembe Drumming with a community of like-minded friends.


Additional articles about the djembe, African drumming, hand drums, playing technique, rhythms, and the rich culture of West Africa.

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