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Ghana Djembes

Though Ghana has a beautiful music tradition, the djembe drum was not historically one of their core instruments. Because of this fact, djembes coming out of Ghana are typically of a lower quality than that of their neighboring countries such as Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Senegal. The wood is typically softer, the craftsmanship less thorough, and the decorations are often quite colorful and elaborate.

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Due to all of these factors, the sound quality suffers quite a bit, and these instruments are often dubbed as 'tourist' djembes by advanced players. This is not to say that all drums from Ghana are of poor quality, but simply that we recommend making sure to know where in Africa your drum is coming from before purchasing. On the whole, Ghana djembes are much less expensive than other drums, which does make them a good choice for educational purposes and drum circles.

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