Djembe Review: Indonesian Djembes

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Indonesian Djembes

There are many djembe drums available on the web that have 'African' in their product name, but not all of them are actually from Africa. Often times these drums come from Indonesia, but are made in the 'African' style. These djembes can range from poor cut-outs all the way up to high quality professional instruments that can meet any player's needs. In fact, many notable djembe brands now import their entire djembe offering from factories in Indonesia or Thailand - having the end products created to individual specifications in collaboration with master carvers.

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Toca, Meinl, and X8 Drums are a few examples of brands that offer these djembes, and though they may not always be the same quality as authentic instruments, these drums are often capable of creating outstanding sounds. Still, it is important to make sure to find out exactly where your djembe is coming from, because it can often be quite confusing to find the true source. That being said, if you are purchasing a djembe from any of the major brands, you should feel secure that you will be receiving a quality instrument - and not just a knock-off.

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