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Latin Percussion

Latin Percussion is known as the top manufacturer of world percussion instruments on the Latin side. Congas, Bongos, Timbales, and the like are their bread and butter, and they are a long established, well respected brand.

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LP also carries 4 models of djembes. These drums are all very similar in construction to the Meinl djembes, except that LP's are all key tuned.

The Galaxy Giovanni Djembe is LP's highest quality model. It is made of a solid piece of North American Ash, and retails around $500. It is a full sized 12 1/2" x 25" drum with gold plated LP Comfort Curve Rim and key rods. Additionally, a special finishing process brings out the deep, rich grain of the wood under a high-gloss shine.
Though this is a very attractive drum, we feel that for the money -you might as well pick up an authentic African djembe.

The Aspire Tunable Djembe
is the most affordable LP model. This drum has a vague djembe shape, and is made of Siam oak. It doesn't pack the power of other models, but is priced for the percussionist on a budget.

Lastly, LP offers the Aspire Bowl Djembe and the LP Djembe. These drums fall into the middle price range. Much like the Meinl Headliner Djembe, these drums come in many vibrant colors ways, have sturdy metal hardware, and hand selected goat heads. They are capable of producing bass, tones, and slaps, and are a synch to tune. Of LP's djembe offering, this is our top pick!

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