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Meinl Percussion

Meinl Percussion is of German origin, and are a top competitor in the world of ethnic percussion instruments. Though most famous for their cymbal offering, they produce an array of high quality hand percussion products. Meinl is constantly pushing the envelope of innovation, blending tradition with modern creations. Their products are manufactured and distributed all over the world, and are favorites among professionals and hobbyists alike.

They carry 8 lines of djembe drums. African style djembes are their most popular, but they also carry a range of hybrid and synthetic drums with modern touches. Meinl offers many sizes and styles -along with bags, stands, and other fun accessories. When looking for a commercial djembe, Meinl drums are right up there with Toca and Remo as far as popularity and quality are concerned. These instruments (like most mass-produced products) may not be authentic, but are a viable alternative to a real thing.

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~Lets take a closer look at Meinl's Djembe Lines:

                   Headliner Series Wood Djembes:  These djembes are Meinl's most popular mechanically tuned model. They are 12" x 23 1/2", made of staved rubber wood, and come in three colors. They feature 8 mm strong tuning lugs, 2 mm rounded rims, original tuning brackets, black powder coated hardware, and hand selected goat heads. They are extremely easy to tune, are quite durable, and costs around $300.
                   Professional African Djembe:  This model is Meinl's latest. The Professional African Djembe is carved from a solid piece of Mahogany Wood (12" x 24") and fitted with a hand selected goat skin head. They use the traditional Mali Weave tuning system with high quality HTP rope, stringing thirty vertical runners keeps the head in tune, properly balanced, and looking proud. Of all of Meinl's djembes, this is the closest to an authentic African drum, and it runs around $200. The dense plantation grown mahogany wood is far more resonant that the rubber wood used on similar commercial drums, and is a sustainable alternative to the West African tree that are used in traditional djembe construction.
                   Floatune Series Djembes:  Floatune drums come in wood and fiberglass models. These drums feature a mechanical tuning system that eliminates the need to drill into the shell - thus creating a more resonant key-tuned djembe. These drums are 12" x 24 /14", and include: True Skin Goat Heads, 8 mm strong tuning lugs, 3 mm rounded SSR-Rims, Easy tuning and comfortable change of heads, Rubber pads and lug placement offer perfect playing comfort, Floatune Tuning System, and Chrome plated hardware. This is Meinl's flashiest and most expensive djembe, and is favored among rock percussionists.
                   Rope Tuned Wood Djembes:  These models are the most popular overall. They come in various styles, and are the most affordable. Additionally, these drums come in several sizes. These djembes are great for recreational and educational purposes, and most models include a bag!

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