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4. Musician's Friend

At Musician's Friend, you can explore the majority of commercial djembe drums available on the market today. This online super-store carries djembes from Remo, Toca, Latin Percussion, Meinl, Schalloch, Tycoon, and Pearl - just to name a few.  They have some of the best deals on the web, and provide a 'Low Price Guarantee' on all products. All of their djembe drums offer something different, with options including traditional wood, rope, and goatskin construction, hybrids, and completely mechanical and synthetic designs.

They have djembes that cover a wide range of skill levels from the novice up to the advanced player, and drum sizes ranging from a 6" head diameter up to 16". As it is often hard to judge the quality of instruments when shopping online, their product review pages will help you find the right fit for your specific needs with info from customers who have experienced the given products first hand.  They also carry
djembe specific accessories including bags, straps, stands, and covers, along with a huge selection of other world hand drums. (They also offer a selection of instructional books and DVDs on djembe playing to get you started with your new drum!)        

If you are looking for a quality brand name djembe at a reasonable price, then Musician's Friend is the site for you.
There are tons of designs and styles to choose from across the 100+ djembe models they currently stock. These drums may not be the most traditional, but they are an excellent choice for those looking to get started on the djembe.

                                        Check Out Musician's Friend Djembe Selection!

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