Top 5 Djembe Drum Sites:

Djembe Direct | X8 Drums | DrumSkull Drums | Musicians Friend | Music123

1. Djembe Direct

Djembe Direct is an excellent source for authentic African djembe drums. Their offering includes djembes for the beginning player all the way up to the professional, with everything in between! They truly have a djembe to match every type of drummer, and the range includes their Drum Circle Djembes, Classical Student Djembes, Advanced Level Djembes from Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Senegal, and the top of the line fully customized Professional Djembes.

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Every djembe comes with a satisfaction guarantee to ease your apprehension about online buying, and each drum is tuned and played before it is shipped. Additionally, they offer extended warranties unheard of in the hand drum industry, with a money-back guarantee. They even have a search feature that allows you to sort djembes based on size, skill level, wood type, and keywords. MP3 sound clips are also available for most djembes to aid in your search for the right drum.

Djembe Direct also carries a vast stock of other African drums and instruments along with Djembe Accessories, CDs, DVDs, Instructional Products, Building Supplies, Repair Services, Books, and additional Djembe Resources. If you are looking for an authentic African djembe but are on a budget, then Djembe Direct is the site for you.

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2. X8 Drums

Moving into the world of commercial djembes, X8 Drums carries a wide selection from leading manufacturers (such as Latin Percussion, Tycoon Percussion, Toca Percussion, and Remo, along with their own excellent series of branded drums), and provide a more personal online experience than many larger music sites. They specialize in quality djembes and world percussion instruments at discount prices, and offer many additional djembe resources for customers to explore.

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Primarily, the X8 djembes are manufactured in Indonesia from legally harvested Mahogany hardwood by master carvers. These drums, though not entirely authentic, are carved similarly to the traditional African style, and create quality sounds. They have been perfecting their Pro and Elite line for years to craft a true, professional djembe instrument that pro players in New York City and abroad have purchased and use as their main instrument. These advanced performers have stated repeatedly that the Elite model drums even go head to head with the DrumSkull and Wula Drum lines. That said, X8 covers the whole player spectrum, with products including Drum Circle Djembes, Youth Djembes, Student Djembes, and their Pro and Elite Series Djembes.  These drums may not be entirely authentic in construction, but they are still fantastic instruments and exceed most player's expectations.
To help you choose, X8 has high-quality Video Clips and MP3 sound files available for their djembe drums, which is an extremely beneficial shopping feature. Also, X8 carries a ton of djembe accessories.

Besides featuring wood djembes, they also offer a large range of completely synthetic drums! These mechanically tuned (key-tuned) djembes are made with fiberglass shells and synthetic heads. The outcome is a super
durable instrument that is easy to tune, portable, and impervious to weather. For many, these drums are an excellent option simply because they are easier to take care of than more traditional djembes. X8 Drums even backs up all djembe drums with a Satisfaction Guarantee, a 30 Day Return Policy, and offers Free Shipping on many products.

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3. DrumSkull Drums

If you are searching for the best Djembe Drums available today, then look no further! DrumSkull Drums is the world's leading percussion shop rooted in the music of West Africa, and for over a decade they have offered professional instruments of uncompromised quality. They carry a full range of top tier professional djembes with gorgeous shells from Guinea, Mali, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast -- all crafted to DrumSkull's meticulous specifications by master carvers in Africa. You can even opt to have them create a professional custom djembe to suit your individual needs! With DrumSkull Drums your djembe will not only be an incredible instrument, but a work of art.

In addition to Djembe Drums, they offer Dununs, Bugarabus, Congas, Ashikos, Ngomas, Talking Drums, and a number of other African instruments. They stand behind their drums with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and provide exceptional customer service. DrumSkulls have been sought out by professional musicians and hobbyists throughout the world, and continue to impress with the superior quality of their workmanship.

To top it all off, they have an enormous selection of Djembe CDs, DVDs,
Books, Accessories (Cases, Bags, Hats, Stands, Straps etc.), Instructional Products, Building Supplies, and are also a full-service repair shop. Here at Djembe Review we know how important it is for you to find the right djembe the first time, and with DrumSkull Drums you just can't go wrong!

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4. Musician's Friend

At Musician's Friend, you can explore the majority of commercial djembe drums available on the market today. This online super-store carries djembes from Remo, Toca, Latin Percussion, Meinl, Schalloch, Tycoon, and Pearl - just to name a few.  They have some of the best deals on the web, and provide a 'Low Price Guarantee' on all products. All of their djembe drums offer something different, with options including traditional wood, rope, and goatskin construction, hybrids, and completely mechanical and synthetic designs.

They have djembes that cover a wide range of skill levels from the novice up to the advanced player, and drum sizes ranging from a 6" head diameter up to 16". As it is often hard to judge the quality of instruments when shopping online, their product review pages will help you find the right fit for your specific needs with info from customers who have experienced the given products first hand.  They also carry
djembe specific accessories including bags, straps, stands, and covers, along with a huge selection of other world hand drums. (They also offer a selection of instructional books and DVDs on djembe playing to get you started with your new drum!)        

If you are looking for a quality brand name djembe at a reasonable price, then Musician's Friend is the site for you.
There are tons of designs and styles to choose from across the 100+ djembe models they currently stock. These drums may not be the most traditional, but they are an excellent choice for those looking to get started on the djembe.

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5. Music123

Music123 is another fantastic instrument super-store that carries a ton of djembe drums. Like Musician's Friend, they stock djembes from name brands including Remo, Toca, Latin Percussion, Meinl, Schalloch, Tycoon, and Pearl. Between these two sites you've got all of your bases covered for mass-market djembes, and Music123 has competitive pricing and killer deals.

If you are interested in buying a djembe, you won't want to miss their broad offering of quality instruments.

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