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Tycoon Percussion

Tycoon Percussion is a company dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of percussion instruments throughout the world. They are the only company in the hand-percussion industry that wholly owns their own factory, located in Bangkok, Thailand. In fact, many other companies purchase their instruments for re-branding.

Tycoon offers several models of both key tuned and roped tuned djembes. The mechanically tuned lines include the Master Series, Concerto Series, Artist Series, Supremo Series, and the Signature Series - all of which are stave built out of Siam oak, and equipped with metal hardware and goatskin heads. Though these djembes are easy to tune and come in several color options, they are best for recreational use and educational purposes. We recommend Tycoon's African style djembes over the key tuned models.

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On the flip side, Tycoon teamed up with the folks over at Dancing Drum
to create the Dancing Drum Signature Series Djembes. These drums use premium goatskin heads, traditional rope tuning, and come in 3 sizes. Though Tycoon also carries 4 other lines of African style djembes, the Dancing Drum Series are the most authentic, the best value, and create the best sounds!

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