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Moving into the world of commercial djembes, X8 Drums carries a wide selection from leading manufacturers (such as Latin Percussion, Tycoon Percussion, Toca Percussion, and Remo, along with their own excellent series of branded drums), and provide a more personal online experience than many larger music sites. They specialize in quality djembes and world percussion instruments at discount prices, and offer many additional djembe resources for customers to explore.

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Primarily, the X8 djembes are manufactured in Indonesia from legally harvested Mahogany hardwood by master carvers. These drums, though not entirely authentic, are carved similarly to the traditional African style, and create quality sounds. They have been perfecting their Pro and Elite line for years to craft a true, professional djembe instrument that pro players in New York City and abroad have purchased and use as their main instrument. These advanced performers have stated repeatedly that the Elite model drums even go head to head with the DrumSkull and Wula Drum lines. That said, X8 covers the whole player spectrum, with products including Drum Circle Djembes, Youth Djembes, Student Djembes, and their Pro and Elite Series Djembes.  These drums may not be entirely authentic in construction, but they are still fantastic instruments and exceed most player's expectations.
To help you choose, X8 has high-quality Video Clips and MP3 sound files available for their djembe drums, which is an extremely beneficial shopping feature. Also, X8 carries a ton of djembe accessories.

Besides featuring wood djembes, they also offer a large range of completely synthetic drums! These mechanically tuned (key-tuned) djembes are made with fiberglass shells and synthetic heads. The outcome is a super
durable instrument that is easy to tune, portable, and impervious to weather. For many, these drums are an excellent option simply because they are easier to take care of than more traditional djembes. X8 Drums even backs up all djembe drums with a Satisfaction Guarantee, a 30 Day Return Policy, and offers Free Shipping on many products.

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